How to Improve IELTS Score of Speaking

How to Improve IELTS Score of Speaking?

After knowing tips of listening, reading, and writing, you also should know how to improve IELTS score of speaking. Most of us often do not realize when we make mistakes in speaking. Then, how to get a high score in speaking section?


The problem that all people will face is nervous. Actually, the questions in speaking are very simple and you have to relax in answering. So, exercise is an obligation.

Speak With Good Structure

You have to speak by using good structure. Notice the words of verb and noun. Then, be careful when you are pronouncing all the words you speak. You may think that speaking is easy but it does not mean you ignore the rules.

Spontaneous and Relevant

Answer the questions spontaneously and relevantly. Just say everything in your mind. Do not make yourself difficult by manipulating simple things. It will make you confused to answer the questions.


Try to always speak English. Just speak although you are alone. You can do it by recording your voice and review what you have spoken. Remember, the key to speaking is calm and notice your structure.

Notice the Choice of Words

Word choice in IELTS speaking is important. Your ability of speaking can be seen based on the academic vocabularies that you use. Try to watch a video of IELTS speaking and make a list of academic vocabularies. This way will be able to add and improve your score.

Although you have done all of those tips, please, do not be too confident. Always remember what you should do in speaking and practice as often as possible. Stay calm and relax. Then, if you do not agree with one of those tricks, you may look for the other secret tricks of how to improve IELTS score of speaking. Well, happy learning and good luck!

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