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Getting a Scholarship to Europe is No Longer a Dream!

After getting the bachelor degree, many students are usually faced with three choices, either they will continue to work, plan for a marriage or get a master degree with scholarship, in most cases, they usually look for scholarship to Europe. For those who plan to continue getting a master degree in Europe, reading this article will hopefully help you to lead you getting some references of the scholarship provider as below:

  1. GoEuro European Study Abroad Scholarship

There are 3 kinds of scholarships for students to study in chosen universities. The 10 best candidates who successfully get this scholarship will have the chance to get 2,000 euro.

  1. Eiffel scholarship

France has always been a dream city for anyone, despite to visit the iconic Eiffel tower spot, this country also provide a scholarship equipped with various facilities including monthly allowance ranging from 1.000 up to 1.400 euro, travel ticket, accommodation fee, health insurance. The fee is only issued when we apply to the targeted university. Meanwhile, for the tuition fee, France government will provide financial assistance around 10,000 euro for both foreign and local residents.

  1. Gates Cambridge scholarship

Who doesn’t know Bill Gates? Funded by Bill and Melinda gates foundation, those who apply and successfully accepted in this scholarship will continue the study in Cambridge University, U.K. The advantages that you can get who granted this scholarship are tuition fee (around £ 13.000), family allowance, plane ticket and many other needs. However, it is important to note that the selection to be accepted in this scholarship is very tight and according to 2017 data, there were around 4.000 total applicants tried their luck.

Hopefully, by reading the article above about scholarship to Europe will help you choosing the most suitable scholarship that makes you a step closer to reach your dream.

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